Video Production

Revamp the way you market your company to your clients by taking advantage of our fantastic video services. Our videos are always fresh, vibrant & exciting giving your work an image that will get you noticed. Wether you're wanting to showcase a new product or shout about how your business has grown we have the services to suit.

We have built up vast experience with large clients such as O2, HSBC and Mars Confectionary working alongside them to help achieve their goals. Our company's expertise enable us to understand your needs and produce video content that effectively delivers the key messages you wish to deliver to your clients, staff and potential customers.

With a background in television we are one of very few corporate production companies who bring the high production qualities of television into the corporate environment. We realise that this gives our work an extra shine that is so often lacking in this industry.


Web Video

Online video has quickly established itself as one of the leading methods of advertising and brand communication on the internet.  A recent survey from the Internet Advertising Bureau found that:

"the use of a combination of sound and vision improved recall by 50% and encouraged buying by 72% compared to the use of text alone."

Web video has a unique position when it comes to online advertising and branding.  Unlike text or graphic advertising, online video instantly captures and holds a viewers' attention, using both audio and video to explain, demonstrate or simply showcase your brand or product.

Take advantage of our engaging web video production to liven up your website and turn browsers into customers. If you want to tell potential customers about the awards you've won or have testimonials from your current clients, web video is the most effective way to deliver it.


DVD Production

DVD's are a great way to deliver important training information and marketing material. The films we produce can be sent out to potential clients to support existing printed literature. It is also an extremely cost effective and engaging way to deliver staff training and communication updates.

We also assist in the full DVD production, including DVD menu creation, DVD duplication and packaging.

Our rates are extremely competitive and take the hassle out of finding a company you can trust to get your DVD production right.


Training Videos

Modernise the way in which you deliver your important training through the use of video. We produce training videos to suit any purpose be it how to handle a new piece of machinery to showing how to prepare the perfect latte. Our training videos are a cost effective solution to ensuring your staff are equiped with the right skills for the job.

We take the time to consider how best to deliver our films to maximize it's effectiveness by working out in what format it is most engaging and the simplest way to make sure it's 100% accessible.