Student Market

413,430: the number of students in the UK

We specialise in communicating with students between the ages of 16-25. We understand how the higher and further education system works and more importantly, how the modern student works.

We have worked with several of the UK's largest Universities as well as producing and running our RTS Award winning project Over the past 5 years we have made a name for ourselves by being able to produce content that speaks to students on their level and engages with them in a way the understand and respond to.

From student housing to drinking beer we know how to make students sit up and listen and relate to your message. So if you need to speak to students - you need to speak to us.

Viral Video

Viral marketing has become a tried and tested method of advertising brands and messages and is medium that works particularily well in the student market. With 16-25 year olds spending 3.5 hours a day online it's not suprising that viral video spreads rapidly.

We produced a very succesful video viral for the Knowledge Campaign in Leeds all about the danger of not securing your student house correctly. As the viral spread the results showed a vast increase in users on their website and more students engaging with the campaign online.

Social Media

You would be hard pressed nowadays to find a student who doesn't have a profile on a social media site such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. With this in mind it's clearly a great place to showcase your brand and products. However you want to be sure that you're getting the best out of your online presence and the key to doing this is making sure your content is saying the right things about you in the right way.

Utilising our experience of the student market we can help you produce the content for your space in the social media world that will make you stand out and grab the attention of students.

Mobile Devices

Mobile technology has boomed over the past 5 years and now most young people carry something that can play media. Be it a mobile phone that connects to the internet or an iPod packed with podcasts and videos students have constant access to information and content.

Luckily it has also become increasingly easy to get your brand represented in these spaces. Our team have the experience to produce the content that fits perfectly into this format allowing you to take your products into new areas and reach customers on a new level.