Leeds Uni Union Child's Play Viral

The Students Union at the University of Leeds have created a campaign called Knowledge. The project aims to tackle the issue of student related crimes such as street robbery and burglary and do so in a way that is in keeping with student culture. The campaign has an online presence with it's website but they wanted to do something fresh and attention grabbing that would engage with students and drive more traffic to their website.

We began working with them and intorduced them to the idea of producing a viral video that would circulate amongst the student community and get people talking and thinking about the Knowledge campaign. The idea sat well with their goals so our team began developing lots of different ideas for the film that would appeal to students as well as convey a message.

Working closely alongside the team at Leeds Student Union we decided to run with our idea of 'Childs Play'. A 40 second viral that sees a young boy breaking into a student house and stealing everything of value. This carried the tagline 'Robbing from students can be childs play - don't make it easy.' The style and feel of the film was in keeping with student culture, which allowed the the film to also carry a message without losing student engagment.

The viral was quickly distributed throughout the student community in Leeds and awareness of the Knowledge campaign has grown, with more visitors hitting the website and interacting with the content on there.

Visit the Leeds University Union Knowledge website here.