Delivery & Distribution

How you deliver your video content is as important as the content of the video itself. There is no point to making a film  that no one is going to watch.

We can work with you to ensure you use the right distribution methods to enable your message reaches its target audience. We can provide films in multiple formats from DVDs, to USB memory sticks, video for fixed screen even with subtitles if needed. We also provide films in formats ready for distibution via mobile devices such as portable media players, iPods and mobile phones.

In addition we can help with distribution via social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, or using digital technologies like bluetooth or email.

Many of these services are rarely found using traditional video production companies, and yet effective distribution is the most important part of delivering your message on target and on budget.


Rights Management

Here at West Park Media we take the issue of rights management seriously.

Having a film produced by us gives you the piece of mind that all the rights have been dealt with correctly allowing you to get on with using and distributing the film to its full potential.

We look after all rights issues covering clearence for contributors and locations together with obtaining all music licenses. In most cases we clear for international distribution for perpetuity meaning you can be confident that you can distribute your film as far and wide and for as long as you need to without encurring any extra costs.

Working with large and small businesses across the UK, we are used to dealing with IP issues and policies regarding the use of company images and logos.

To find out more about how West Park Media can help you, get in touch.